Top 10 Picks For Your Bridal Bouquet

Top 10 Picks For Your Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding is special to you but there can be one area which baffles most brides and that is flowers! Flowers are lovely but choosing them for your bridal bouquet can be difficult simply because what you may like may be out-of-season and that throws up some difficulties to say the least. However, there are many flowers that can still be chosen and with a few pointers, it might make choosing flowers for your bridal bouquet very simple indeed.Read on, The following are just ten simple picks to consider when it comes to your bouquet.


A lot of people don’t necessarily choose red roses when it comes to their bridal bouquets as they often worry they’re going to be the center of attention but it’s a fantastic flower to consider. Remember, you can get pink and white roses and a subtle mixture of them all can offer a wonderful bridal bouquet. These are lovely flowers and you will want these in your bridal bouquet.


Chrysanthemums are common summer flowers and they can also make ideal choices when it comes to bridal bouquets. You can get these in a wide variety of colors from whites to red and purples and everything in-between which is perfect. These are the ideal flowers for most brides and they shouldn’t be too trouble or costly either.

Top 10 Picks For Your Bridal Bouquet


For those who want something more bold and beautiful, dahlias might just be the answer you’re looking for. Dahlias are beautiful flowers but they aren’t the most traditional wedding flowers which makes them ideal for your bridal bouquet. You can work with these and really enhance your bouquet so much. These are big flowers but gorgeous and quite diverse as well. They’re distinctive which is sometimes what you want!


If you want a more subtle approach to your bridal bouquets, you might benefit from lilies. These are the flowers that bring out the sunshine and really make you feel gorgeous. Lilies are easy to work with and arranging them shouldn’t be too troublesome. You can have lilies as the centerpiece of your bouquet with a lovely accompaniment of daisies or roses even. There are many things that work with lilies so you should be able to get a beautiful bouquet.


If you are having a summer wedding, sunflowers are lovely. These flowers are big and beautiful and that golden shade is just gorgeous to say the least. Sunflowers are excellent for brides looking for bold or subtle bouquets and they are suitable for almost any wedding, even if not during the summer months. However, it may be far more difficult to acquire these flowers during the off-season as they’re summer flowers. Sunflowers are certain favorites with brides all over.


These flowers aren’t always well known and if you aren’t someone who knows a lot about flowers then they are very strange indeed. However, tuberose can make some of the very best types of flowers for a bridal bouquet. The flowers come with a beautiful white shade and have a beautiful scent as well which should be something you enjoy. Tuberose is a true wonder for any bride and their bouquet.

Daisies and Cosmos

If you’re having a summer wedding you might want to consider a mix of cosmos and daisies. These are absolutely gorgeous flowers and ones that will get people talking for all the right reasons. The cosmos is a lovely and small flower with beautiful petals and they really work well with daises. These can really work well together and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them either.

Black-Eyed Susan

A lot of people are curious at the sound of these flowers but Black-Eyed Susan are amazing flowers. Anyone who wants a perfect bridal bouquet will enjoy these. You can absolutely use these to your advantage and you will find how lovely they look in a simple bouquet. If you’re wedding has a vintage feel then these are the ideal choice.


Have you seen a poppy flower? If you have you will know how gorgeous they are and to be honest, their bold red captures your mind. These are the flowers for your bouquet and in truth, they really are very pretty. Brides will love how beautiful the poppy is when it’s in full bloom and they are quite versatile too. You don’t just have to stick to the traditional red poppies but white too; a combination of both can look stunning.


Peony is one of the very best types of flowers to use today. The reason why is simply because they come in a wide variety of colors including creams, pink, white, red and a few others so you can choose the ones you love most. If you have a cream or ivory wedding dress, creams and pinks could work well together. Also, they are quite diverse so adding them into your bouquet shouldn’t be an issue.

Creating a Wonderful Bouquet

Brides want the perfect bouquet when they walk down the aisle because it can matter. When you know what flowers are available, you can hopefully find the right ones for the big day. There are lots of amazing flowers and the above are just ten picks. Create a beautiful bridal bouquet and make your day go without a hitch.

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