Ideas for Your Flower Garden

flower garden

When it comes to flowers and gardening, there’s a lot going for this relaxing hobby. After all, gardening, both of flowers and of edibles, is a hobby that spans the globe for a reason. There are actually several reasons one might take up this hobby for his or herself, and it varies from person to person. However, if you had to distill it all down to one thing, I would say the main draw of a flower garden is simply that flowers look really nice. As a matter of fact, I would say it’s a hard point to argue, as flowers are one of the most prominent subjects when it comes to art, and they have been for much of human history. I know it’s not exactly “manly” to like flowers, but I’m a sucker for them. Of course “manliness” is a social construct content to sap all the fun out of existence for the sake of being tough, so I’ll like what I like, thank you very much. Here are a few ways to utilize the aesthetically pleasing nature of flowers to your advantage.

First and foremost, let’s not forget that your garden, itself, is a pretty potent floral display. After all, isn’t that the reason they’re grown? Not to be picked, but simply to live there? It’s also worth noting that many higher end gardens, especially in historical contexts, are highly decorative, accentuating that natural beauty of flowers with the architecture and masonry of man. Seriously, you should look some of history’s greatest gardens. Despite their early origins, many of them have been preserved to this day, so you could potentially go and visit many of them if you had the time and the money.

flower garden

Another way to use your flower garden is to use your flowers for artistic purposes. As mentioned above, flowers are a popular subject in the art world, so if you’re a practitioner of any of the visual media, you’re sure to be able to put your collection to good use in this way. Flowers are also a good way to learn the arts of painting and drawing, as they’re composed of basic shapes that never quite appear to be, so it gives you a good before and after of said shape with the flexibility of a flower petal. You could also use your flowers to create a striking photo shoot, if you so desire, so grab some friends to model for you, throw them into a classy outfit from Barneys, and pose them amongst your flowers, whether they’re still planted firmly in the ground, in bouquets, or their petals are strewn about.

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